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The Labor Movement can be a great force for democracy, progress, and justice.

To fulfill that potential, it must be thoroughly democratic in its internal life. There is no effective substitute for strong, democratic unions to help workers achieve dignity and respect, to defend and increase their standard of living, and to fight for better, safer, conditions in the workplace. There is no substitute for internal union democracy to combat discrimination, fight racketeering, get rid of corruption, and oust self-serving officials. In many unions democratic rights are real and unquestioned, but in large sections of the US labor movement these rights are trampled upon and must be restored.

The Association for Union Democracy (AUD) is the only national, pro-labor, non-profit organization dedicated solely to advancing the principles and practices of democratic trade unionism in the North American labor movement. It is the premise of AUD that internal democracy makes unions stronger and better able to fight for the rights and interests of working people. We provide organizing, educational, and legal assistance to those fighting for greater membership control of their unions. As a non-partisan organization, AUD does not support or endorse candidates for union office or particular policies within unions. Rather, AUD supports actions which strengthen the democratic process, promoting membership participation, free speech and fair elections, so that union members can shape the direction and actions of their union.

Board of Directors

Mark Bond

Arthur Fox

Michael Goldberg

Barbara Harvey

Alan Hyde

Paul Alan Levy

Kurt Richwerger

Judith Schneider

Ralph Gerchak

Cathy Highet

Louis Nikolaidis




Advisory Board

Elvia Ariola

James B. Atleson

Alan Barnes

Elaine Bernard

Daniel E. Clifton

Nola Hitchcock Cross

Phyliss Curott

Charles Delgado

Barbara Ehrenreich

Bill Fletcher, Jr.

Albert Fried

Ruben J. Garcia

Thomas Geoghegan

Julian Gonzalez

Alice Harney

Helen Hershkoff

William Kornblum

Nabia Marin-Molina

Deborah Meier

Lawrence O’Toole

Robin Potter

Bob Repas

Ray Rogers

William Schendel

Tim Schermerhorn

Arthur Z. Schwartz

Patricia Sexton

Dan Siegel

Eileen Silverstein

Cheryl Smyler-George

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