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Mentoring Available for New Union Democracy Lawyers

Lawyers who support labor, are sympathetic to union democracy cases and are willing to undertake a union member’s case against his or her own union are few and far between. AUD works with a small group of dedicated lawyers who collectively represent decades of experience. We are now offering mentoring, by lawyers with whom we have worked for many years, for other lawyers seeking assistance with an existing case and for those who wish to break into this area of the law. Mentors prefer to serve as “of counsel,” although other arrangements may be possible on a case-by-case basis.

There are two ways to become involved with our mentoring program:

1. Contact us with a specific case you are working on that you think raises issues of union democracy law and we will refer you to a mentor.

2. Let us know that you are interested in practicing in the area of union democracy law. An experienced union democracy lawyer will contact you, to discuss the practice of union democracy law one-on-one, and we will contact you again if a suitable mentoring experience becomes available in your area.

To get started: Email us your resume and a short description of either a specific case you are working on or your general interests in union democracy law and we will contact you shortly.

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