UDR 214 Now Available In Honor of Ed Sadlowski (1938-2018)



Ed Sadlowski died June 10th after a long life as a labor activist.  His rank-and-file campaigns – a movement for union democracy in the United Steelworkers – started when both Ed and AUD were very young with AUD working intensively to make the elections fairer.  Although Ed is no longer with us the history of those campaigns is. Union Democracy Review #214 is devoted to those days and those efforts at union reform vis-a-vis  material from the AUD  archive housed at the Walter P. Reuther Library, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan.


On Sadlowski by William Kornblum


Letter from the Sadlowski Campaign to the USW Membership(1974)


William Kornblum on Sadlowski’s Victory in District 31 (Union Democracy Review #8 (Summer 1974))


Letter from H.W. Benson to USW President Abel Concerning Sadlowski(1973)


Herman Benson on Sadlowski’s Election Complaint (Union Democracy Review #5 (Fall 1973))


Excerpt from Rebels, Reformers, & Racketeers about Sadlowski


Sadlowski’s USW Presidential Election Appeal (1977)



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