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At AUD these days, it’s getting harder to get the job done. With our skeletal staffing (one almost-full-timer and two almost-part-timers) how do we get the newsletters out and posted to the website, listen to or read carefully all the calls and emails that come in, do the research to address the variety of concerns, and get back to these same contacts? It’s not easy! (We also must find time to administer the office and meet the compliance demands of the governmental agencies that regulate non-profit organizations.) As you can see from testimonials that follow, it can be difficult to reach us, but we can help, given staffing and resources!

So we again appeal to you, our core of support these many years. Unless you come through, we will not be able to:

Help a new steward who organized her co-workers. They are pressuring the union for a better contract in the upcoming negotiations. So far, the union is unresponsive. She comes to us to ask: what are her rights? How does the process work? Can she agitate for better working conditions without fear of reprisal? What is the role of the National Labor Relations Board?


Assist a union member from the Midwest who works in the hotel industry.  He and his co-workers want to form a caucus inside the union to raise awareness and advocate for better contracts. How do they do it? What are their rights? Are they at risk of retaliation? They want to run for office against the long-time incumbents. How do they prepare for the next union election? How does the election complaint process work?


Give guidance to a construction worker who decides to run for the top union job, but is immediately brought up on vague charges by the incumbents. He is directed to appear for trial in a few days. What are his rights? Should he go? How come he cannot get the charges in writing?


Provide an attorney and expert in free speech rights from AUD’s board of directors to advise a rank-and-file teacher caucus sent a threatening letter by the union’s lawyer.  The union lawyer insisted they “cease and desist” in the use of the union name on caucus material, claiming trademark infringement. The AUD Director wrote the union attorney (with relevant legal citations and argument) that his demand would not be honored by the caucus, as it was based on an unsubstantiated, frivolous claim. Moreover, the demand letter was a violation of the caucus’ First Amendment rights.

There are many more examples but that is all the space we have…

This is where you come in. Your support keeps AUD going year after year. Without you, we wouldn’t be here. So please, give what you can. Be generous. Union reformers count on us. (Click here to donate today)


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