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TWU Local 241 appeal denied

Back in our January/February 2013 issue (No. 198), we reported that TWU Local 241 member Kelvin McAllister contended that election violations cost him the presidency of his union. His appeal was rejected by the local and international and despite losing the election by just 14 votes, the Department of Labor has now also rejected McAllister’s appeal, stating in a letter dated May 8, 2013:

Following a review of the investigative findings by this office and the office of the Solicitor, Division for Civil Rights and Labor-Management, a decision has been made that those findings do not provide a basis for action by the Department to set aside the protested election. McAllister disagrees with the DoL’s Statement of Reasons, which was issued on July 11 and excuses one union steward’s two week delay in responding to McAllister’s inquiries about campaigning locations. McAllister has decided not to pursue legal action because of the difficulties involved in bringing suit against the DoL.

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