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Ellen Benson’s Addendum to Herman Benson’s Self Written Obituary

Herman Benson is survived by a diverse and boisterous group of characters: 

– Cherril Neckles-Benson, his wife; 

– Ellen and Larry, his children with Revella, his deceased wife, and Larry’s wife Koy; 

– Tammy and Lisa, the children of Lucy Dames, his long-time domestic partner, and their spouses Jeff and Barry; 

– Cherril’s children Lerone and Leonie, and their spouses Kay and Corey;

– Nine grandchildren: Jessica, Eli, Dominique, Genesis, Joanie, Zoe, Allegra, Paris, and Michaela 

– Six great grandchildren: Sarah, May, Otis, Benjamin, Leo and Zella

They all miss him greatly and were looking forward to celebrating his upcoming 105th birthday.  However, en mass, they have decided to forgive his early departure, only one week before the event.

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