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Your Job, Your Rights: an introduction to grievances and union representation

An introductory booklet on grievances and union representation

Why this booklet?
This booklet was put together to help unionized workers exercise their rights on the job to the fullest extent possible. It outlines some basic rights that unionized workers often have under their contracts and shows how you can enforce these rights. While there are many different laws and rules you can use to protect your rights, the most important thing to do is always to organize your co-workers and take action. In the end, organizing as a group is the best way to fight for your rights and win.

(This pamphlet was first published in 1998 by AUD’s Workers’ Rights Project and The Latino Workers Center. It has since been edited by AUD. This pamphlet is licensed by The Association for Union Democracy under a Creative Commons License (attribution, non-commercial, share-alike). Use the following credit line on the materials you use:
“From the website of the Association for Union Democracy. Email: 104 Montgomery Street, Brooklyn, New York, 11225; USA; 718-564-1114
Please notify us at if you use this material.) Spanish language version here.

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