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Sample Letter #7 To Conduct Mailings in a Union Election Campaign


April 7, 2010

Rhonda Taylor, Secretary Treasurer
United Industrial and Allied Workers of America, Local 44
735 Grand Ave. Grand Rapids, MI 11211

Dear Sister Taylor,

Please consider this notification of our intention to do mailings to the entire membership of local 44 in support of the election campaign. Please make available mailing labels for the entire membership.

The Take Back Our Union slate plans to conduct a mailing on April 21, 2000. Please inform us of any and all arrengements required to conduct these mailings, such as: cost of the labels and what means the local intends to use to conduct campaing mailings (office staff, mailing house). If you are using a mailing house, please inform us of its name and location. If you are using the office staff, please inform us of any additional cost.

We also intend to conduct targetted mailings to the following groups: local stewards, all warehouse employees, and female members.

Finally, I request that you inform me of any union lists, services, information or facilities which are offered to or used by any other candidates, in sufficient time for us to make similar use of these lists, services, or information. I ask to receive this information by April 12, 2010. Please contact Lance Wilde at the address and phone below.

Thank you for your assistance.


Lance Wilde
Membership #32-3200
203 West Tuckahoe Street
Darnelle, MI 10034 (313) 456-9876

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