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Sample Letter #5 To Inquire About Hiring Hall Procedures, Rules, and Lists


April 7, 2000

Bernard Weiner, President
United Construction Workers of America, Local 22
735 Grand Ave. Grand Rapids, MI 11211

Dear Brother Weiner,

I am a member of Local 22 and I seek work through its job referral procedures. I have reason to believe that I have been and am being discriminated against by Local 22 in job referrals.

In order to determine whether I have been or am being discriminated against, I ask you to send me the following information:
a) the names, addresses and telephone numbers of persons on the Local 22 job referral list(s), and of the persons who have been referred to jobs, the dates of referral, dates of hire, and dates of last preceding discharge;
b) the names, addresses and telephone numbers of persons who, in the past six months and continuing, have asked to be referred to jobs by Local 22 or have their names placed on a list for job referral;
c) the date or dates of each such request;
d) the date or dates of each referral of such person to a job, the name of the person referred, and the name of the employer, and the jobsite he/she was referred to;
e) the date or dates of each hire and of any subsequent layoff/discharge, the name of the person hired and/or laid off, the name of the employer and of the jobsite.

I am willing to pay a reasonable fee for reproducing the information requested. Please send me this information to the address below or let me know when I can come to the office to obtain it. I ask to receive the information by April 21, 2000.

Thank you for your assistance.

Sincerely, Lance Wilde
203 West Tuckahoe Street
Darnelle, MI 10034 (313) 456-9876

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