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Sample Letter #4 To Follow Up On A Grievance You Filed

(adapted, with permission, from “Grievances,” by Dave Pratt, TRF 1999)


April 7, 2000

Earline Distant, Business Agent
International Brotherhood of Industrial Workers, Local 5270
1010 Seventeenth Ave. New York, NY 10001

Dear Sister Distant,

I am contacting you regarding my grievance and the upcoming Step Three grievance hearing. In order to be well prepared for the hearing I am requesting the following:

That you contact me regarding a time to meet to review the presentation of my case. The best days for me to meet are on Tuesday and Saturday, in the afternoon.

That the following information be requested from the company: reports about previous safety complaints, my personnel file, and the company safety manual.

That statements be obtained from the witnesses involved in the case, including Donald Chauve, Wendy Peludo, and Marvin Boze, and that the local demand that they be released from work to attend the hearing.

Please contact me at work or at the number below to schedule the meeting to prepare for the hearing.

Thank you for your assistance.

In solidarity,

Matilda Knowles
345 Meadowbrook Road
Great Falls, New Jersey, 22024
(203) 456-9876

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