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Sample Letter #2 To Get a Copy of Your Union Constitution or Bylaws


April 7, 2000

Bernard Weiner, President
United Workers of America, Local 3
735 Wythe Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211

Dear Brother Weiner,

I am writing to request a copy of the Constitution and/or Bylaws of the United Workers of America, and the Constitution and/or Bylaws of Local 3. I have worked at the Overwork Manufacturing Corp. as a machine operator and have been a member of Local 3 for 15 years.

I understand that it is the union’s obligation under the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act to make available to its members a current, true, and complete copy of the Constitution and/or Bylaws of the union.

Please send me a copy of the International and Local Constitution and/or Bylaws to the address below or let me know when I can come to the office to obtain a copy of the documents. I ask to receive a copy of the Constitution and/or Bylaws by April 21, 2000.

Thank you for your assistance.


Luis Cruz
203 West 116th Street, Apt. 3B
New York, NY 10034
(212) 456-9876

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