UDR #219 Now Available

The Persistence of a Union Officer Candidate | Union Member Defends Election Rights in APWU | NLRB Flips on Deferral

AUD Store Open for Business

We now have union made Long Sleeve T-shirts of all sizes, black on ash gray. See the web store for details.  

In Memoriam: Jim McNamara

    By Jane LaTour Jane LaTour was Director of the AUD Women’s Project and author of Sisters in the Brotherhoods (Palgrave-McMillan, 2008). James McNamara:  Uncommon Champion for Labor’s Cause James McNamara had the best mental map among his peers for discrimination and corruption in the building trades industry and its unions.  McNamara spent decades […]

Cast A Long Shadow

In July of this year, the Association for Union Democracy lost a great light unto the American Labor movement, Herman Benson. “HB” was a longtime union activist and reformer, a founder of the Association for Union Democracy (and its newsletter precursor, Union Democracy in Action), and prolific writer about all matters related to trade unionism. […]

UDR #218 Now Available

OLMS Proposed Rule Extends LMRDA  Coverage | OLMS Covid-19 Guidance for Union Elections, Reporting | Union Member Defends Election Rights in APWU

In Memoriam Herman Benson

  Read the New York Times’ story on Herman. Benson was an absolutely unique character. In 2014, he wrote, and distributed to his friends, his own obituary. You can click on the link here to read it in full. Addendum to Herman’s Obituary, by Ellen Benson, daughter Watch Herman’s Cure, a documentary retrospective about Herman […]

“Old ideas can sometimes use new buildings. New ideas must use old buildings.”*

*Jane Jacobs, “The Death and Life of Great American Cities” As the expression goes “everything old is new again.” Just when it seems the concerns of days gone by are at their most anachronistic, they resurface with a vengeance. From an uptick in Eighties nostalgia, to a (brief) uproar in the Democratic Party debates over […]