UDR 211 Now Available

Union Democracy Advocate Wins Office in Gas Workers 555 ¦ Obscure Designation Flummoxes Reform Group in Bakery Workers local ¦ In Memoriam: Erwin Baur (1915-2016) ¦ Subscribe today for more!   


At AUD these days, it’s getting harder to get the job done. With our skeletal staffing (one almost-full-timer and two almost-part-timers) how do we get the newsletters out and posted to the website, listen to or read carefully all the calls and emails that come in, do the research to address the variety of concerns, […]

UDR 210 / 100+ 134 now available

Meeting Attendance Rule Waived in Utility Workers Local G-555 election | Charges Filed against IBT Sec’y-Treasurer Ken Hall amid Fraught Teamsters Election | Reflections on the US Election: what explains the “Blue Collar” vote?    

Postponed – AUD Conference 2017

Impediments to Running for Union Office AUD 2017 Conference Union rules that act as impediments to running for office: Are they legal? How can you beat them? AUD’s 2017 conference will bring together unionists to discuss the variety of union rules and requirements that can and often do prevent reformers from running for office or […]

Members Want to Be Heard

If the labor movement can learn one thing from the 2016 presidential election, it’s that there still exists a wide gulf of understanding between this country’s elites (of all stripes) and the common folk. From the very beginning of this election, something was brewing out in Middle America; an insurgency at two opposing poles of […]

UDR 209 Now Available

Incumbent Unity Caucus Prevails in NYC UFT Election | Attempts to Gut Jones Act Concern US Maritime Unionists | MEBA Bylaws Change Provokes Debate Between AMO and MEBA officials | IBEWer’s federal suit attacks “Right-to-Reject” | In Memoriam: Tim Brown | IUOE reform candidates face uphill battle | The quest for fair play in IBEW Local […]

Summer Appeal 2016: Revitalizing Union Leadership

In recent months, AUD has gotten many inquiries, both by phone and email, from union members looking for guidance not only in running for office, but also in how to start reforming their unions when (and if) they take office. But even before it comes to matters of refining bylaws and instituting policies that encourage […]

AUD: Looking to the Future

Last year at this time, we wrote to you about our plans to create a documentary film on the history of AUD. As most of you know, we premiered that film — “Herman’s Cure” — this past October at an event to honor AUD co-founder Herman Benson’s 100th birthday. Numerous speakers, including ATU International President […]

Summer Appeal 2015: Hold Them Accountable!

We know what we all want – a union that will protect its members from unfair and unscrupulous employers. But all too often AUD gets calls and emails from union members who think their unions are not doing the job we want them to.   Sometimes it is not just apathy or business-as-usual, everyday-run-of-the-mill lack of attention […]